Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Vancouver Island

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Rainwater Harvesting on Vancouver Island...

Rainwater harvesting systems require careful design, installation and maintenance practices to ensure years of afficient operation. As a "Certified CANARM Professional" I offer Rainwater harvesting design and installation services for both residential and commercial properties.

The most common and simplest re-use of rainwater is irrigation for your garden, either gravity fed or pressurized. From garden and landscape use to indoor non-potable and potable applications we can get it done to our industry's highest standards.


There is a size and shape to meet everyones storage needs whether you re-use the rainwater for outdoor use in your garden or indoor non-potable applications.

Step one is determine what you want to use the water for?

Flusing toilets... drip irrigation?

300_GAL._RH_SYSTEM_WITH_ECOTRONIC_PUMP_2.JPGBenefits of rainwater harvesting:

Rainwater harvesting provides you with an independent water supply which is usable during regional water restrictions and is often used to supplement the main water supply.

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is the collection and storage of rainwater directed off roofs to be used at a later time.

In the Mid-Vancouver Island area a typical 2000 sq ft roof area can collect around 50,000 gallons per year for use in your home or garden.

Rainwater harvesting makes use of a natural resource and reduces flooding, storm water runoff, erosion, and contamination of surface water with pesticides, sediment, metals, and fertilizers.
• Excellent source of water for landscape irrigation.
• Home systems can be relatively simple to install and operate.
• Promotes both water and energy conservation.
• Minimal filtration required for landscape irrigation use.

SAVE UP TO $750.00

Do you live within the Regional District of Nanaimo? If you do you could receive up to $750.00 back on a Rainwater harvesting system. This is a great time to take advantage of this substantial savings.


Details on the the Regional District of Nanaimo Rainwater Harvesting incentive program can be found here:


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"Some studies suggest that when people become involved with their own water supply through harvesting rainwater, they consciously reduce their overall water consumption by 20 to 60 per cent.


Australian Rainwater Industry Development Group 2008 Consumer Guide

Rainwater Harvesting System Design and Installation on Vancouver Island

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