Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Vancouver Island

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RWH System Installation

Your rainwater harvesting system integrates the specialized expertise of proffesionals involved with drainage, plumbing, excavation, construction, electrical, pumps, and water purification. Construction best practices are critical during the installation of your RWH system.

A Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) system takes water from your roof and delivers it to your taps. RWH systems remove debris, transport the water to storage for later use, and provides and appropriate level of pressurization and post storage filtration.



Some installations use a buried cistern to reduce the footprint or aesthetic impact.

Some key components of a rainwater system:

1-Course screen to filter out large debris.

2-First flush device to remove the first .5-1mm of rain off the roof. This contains the highest level of contaminants and is best re-routed and not stored.

3-Additional gravity filtration if your rainwater is used for indoor non-potable or outdoor drip irrigation. These filters vary in mesh size and often two filters are used, one course and one finer.

4-Level tank or tanks as per your design with all of your fittings planned out, you need and inlet, overflow, and an outlet. It's important that all the connecting pipe work be carefully planned in order to look as descrete as possible, and operate effectively and safely.

5-A pump will most likely be required to pressurize your water lines unless you wish to use a gravity drip irrigation set-up. It is important that all of your taps, valves, and water lines indicate that the water is not potable. 

If your RWH harvesting system is for non-potable indoor use (toilet flushing) then we involve a licenced plumber for all interior plumbing work. Building permits are required for interior plumbing modifications in most areas of BC.

A trained professional will ensure your work is to the highest standards in Canada.


Rainwater Harvesting System Design and Installation on Vancouver Island

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