Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Vancouver Island

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Denman Island

Denman Island case study

Our client on Denman Island  wanted to collect rainwater for landscape irrigation use as well as fire suppression. Denman Island is typical to most gulf islands in that it has limited ground water that is available from drilled wells. Rainwater harvesting is one approach to making use of an already available resource. The entire roof area of this house was collected and collected at the low point of the property were it enters a small pump chamber. An effluent pump sends the rain water up to 9000 gallons of storage.  In three rain events this system was completely filled.


Project features:

 3 x 3000 US gallon Premier plastics cisterns

Premier plastics pump chamber with 16" basket and tuffy filter

Effluent pump 

25 GPM Irrigation pump

2" fire hose and couplers/ 3/4" quick couplers

12" In ground first flush device

Leaf eater downspout filters


Three x 3000 US gallon cisterns connected at the base.


Pump Chamber with 450 micron screen filter basket


Pump chamber with lid before backfilling


Primary filter which removes leaves, needles and other large particles.


Quick coupler and fire hose nozzle found in various locations around the house.


2" Shed 40 pipe inlet from pump chamber along with pump relay.

When the cisterns are filled the effluent pump within the pump chamber is switched off.

The incoming water that enters the pump chamber will go to overflow.


Back filling overflow and in ground first flush device.


Irrigation pump house during pump installation.

Upon completion of PVC pipe, rigid insulation will be installed inside the enclosure  for frost protection.

Rainwater Harvesting System Design and Installation on Vancouver Island

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